Stories, Poems, and Books

Do you like poems?

                  Purchase Stephanie's full-length collection How Formal?, beautifully illustrated with blockprints by artist Anne Brantingham here. 

Do you like novels?

                  Purchase Stephanie's magical realist novel The Puppet Turners of Narrow Interior  here. 

Do you like stories, but don't have time for a big BOOK?

                 Purchase my magical realist novelette Rescue Plan here (it's LGBTQIA affirming and YA friendly!)


Do you like prose poems?

                  Purchase Stephanie's chapbook Sex with Buildings here. 

Not sure? Take a look at the following poems and stories for a sense of Stephanie's style:


"Three Poems in the Cultural Weekly."

"Woman to Woman," poem and interview in The Nervous Breakdown


"That You were meant for Great Things."


Do you want to learn how to write your own magical realist stories?

                 Purchase Stephanie's craft book Delicious Strangeness:

                 a pocket guide to Magical Realism here. 

Do you read nonfiction? 

                 " Raising the Dead" 






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